Women’s Hunt and Heal Workshop


Spontaneous Tissue Format. Woman Reading.Terry Garchinski
Spontaneous Tissue Format. Woman Reading.Terry Garchinski

On Wednesday, 26 October 2011, during the Women’s Hunt and Heal Workshop in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut (Sponsored by the Cambridge Bay Wellness Centre) an amazing thing happened.  While one of the participants, Annie Agligoetok, was sharing her story about residential school childhood trauma, she pulled a Kleenex out of the box to wipe her tears.  The next Kleenex that emerged from the box formed a shape of a woman reading a book.  See photos. The workshop facilitator (Terry Garchinski of Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc. www.lifeworks.cc) noticed the image and pointed it out to the rest of the group who saw it as a positive sign of spiritual support for the work they were doing.

Annie said that her Uncle Sam and Aunt Lena Kipak from Kugluktuk who were like her parents, died seven years ago this month.  Annie believes that the woman in the Kleenex box was a sign of their continued love and support for her and her healing journey.

Terry took these photos to share with the group members so they could remember their good work and the positive support.


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