Take Charge of Your Life!



Take Ownership and Manage Your Life,
Reconnect With Your Core,
Release Negative Emotions,
Walk Without Addictions,
Heal Your Self and Live Well!


“ If you only attend one workshop this year, this is the one to attend.”

“An excellent workshop for youth!”

“This workshop provides a holistic approach to dealing with addictions.”

“ Wonderful tools for helping my self and others.”

“This workshop gave me a chance to face my fears in a safe circle.”


During this 4-day workshop you will learn about:

  • Identifying the filters through which you view the world;
  • Identifying your values, beliefs, perceptions, assumptions, projections, judgments;
  • Identifying social masks and roles;
  • Evaluating your life: with self and others, job/career, family life, emotional, spiritual, social, physical life;
  • Your positive and negative characteristics and behavior patterns (ie: emotional patterns/cycles, attitudes);
  • Acknowledging and accepting accountability for your life (choosing better so you have better);
  • Confronting and understanding your pain and addictions, and finding the addictive payoffs;
  • Setting boundaries: teaching people how to treat you, and treating others in the same manner;
  • The power in forgiveness (of self and others);
  • Good words: identifying goodness in self;
  • Your power to choose to liberate yourself and be the manager of your life;
  • Taking the path of being accountable, committed, doing what it takes, and having what you want;
  • Utilizing hands-on exercises and techniques for self-awareness, acknowledgement, growth, spiritual awakening and change;


In Take Charge of Your Life Workshop each participant is invited to explore the journey of his or her own life. This will be done in a very interactive group setting, in the context of the Medicine Wheel, which is a traditional symbol of life and healing. It is also a powerful tool for self-awareness, reconnection, growth, spiritual awakening and change. It is the story of each of our lives, and how we can take charge of our lives.

Participants are also invited to examine how each gives power away through fear, anger, addictions, and not valuing self. A Medicine Wheel is created in the workshop using 36 stones. The process of constructing the Medicine Wheel will direct and empower the participants to awaken and act on their innate wisdom, power and life direction.

The Medicine Wheel creates a field of knowing, of safety, and of direction that is unique to the group of participants involved. Therefore, every workshop is different.

The purpose of Take Charge of Your Life Workshop is to awaken the awareness of power in each person so that they can act on it, take charge of their own lives and use their own power in good, creative ways.

There are many “hands on exercises” that are done in the workshop. These exercises can be “taken home” and immediately used to empower one’s own life on a daily basis.

This is a powerful, life-changing workshop. Once you enter the circle, you will no longer be the same. Young people (12 years and up) and Elders (70’s and 80’s) have participated in this workshop. You will get as much as you put in. You will take home as much as you choose.

This Workshop Will Include:

• Group Discussions and Diads
• Analogies
• Demonstrations
• Writing
• Storytelling
• Using the Medicine Wheel
• Music
• Life Maps
• Brainstorming
• Personal Interactions
• Prayer and Meditations
• Sharing Circles
• Traditional Medicines
• Humor


Upon registration, you will receive confirmation and detailed information regarding location, accommodation listing, etc.


• $470.00 plus GST per person;
• Includes a 4-day intensive workshop, materials, I Believe by Terry Garchinski, certificate of participation, coffee break refreshments/pastries;
• Does not include travel expenses: transportation, accommodations, meals and incidentals.
• Payment must be made 10 days prior to the workshop by cash, cheque, money order, purchase order, or direct billing authorization;
• Due to the sensitivity and interconnectedness of the workshop, partial attendance is not advised, punctuality is essential, and cell phones are to be turned off.


To arrange an on-site workshop in your community, please call Elaine Woodward at 1-403-931-1094.


Facilitator Fees for Workshop Delivery $1,000/day x 4 days $4,000
Facilitator Fees for Travel Days $500/day x 2 days $1,000
Materials $700
Report (participant list, evaluations, recommendations, photos) $300
Sub-Total $6,000
GST 5% $ 300
TOTAL $6,300


  • Travel, meals, incidentals and accommodations will be arranged for and paid by community organization(s).
  • Quote may vary pending travel distance, time and flight schedules, and weather conditions.
  • Pending organization needs, this quote may vary slightly.
  • Quote based on a maximum of 20 participants and 1 facilitator. If moe than 20, then we require a co-facilitator, and we charge additional costs.


Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc., established in 1994, is a business specializing in:
i) Therapeutic Assessment, Counselling and Referral Services;
ii) Contracted Face-to-face and Telephone Counselling Services, On-Site in Communities, upon request;
iii) Counselling services for a broad range of issues;
iv) Critical Incident Stress Management Services;
v) Employee and Family Assistance Programs and Services;
vi) Workshop delivery across Canada;
vii) Services utilizing Elders, translators and interpreters of client’s choice, if required.

The Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc.’s office is located in Millarville (Calgary area), Alberta.

Their services have been extensively provided to individuals, families, communities and organizations. Their work with Aboriginal people and communities throughout Canada has helped them develop a high level of respect for the diversity of peoples, cultures, languages and traditions.

Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc. provides the highest possible level of services to their clients. They have a reputation for being mindful of the position of trust, confidentiality, and responsibility in their work with clientele. Integrity, honesty, confidentiality and fairness are essential to the way in which they conduct business.


Terry Garchinski, R.S.W, is an experienced and dynamic trainer, facilitator and speaker, in areas such as, (but not limited to): loss and grief, ending abuse and violence, trauma recovery, suicide prevention, life mapping and cycles of abuse, self-harm and healing, conflict resolution, team building. He has designed and facilitated numerous workshops and programs for various groups, First Nations, governments, industries, and non-government clients, in communities throughout Canada. Terry is founder and President of Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc., and owner of Bag Man Productions.

As a trained professional with education in Social Work, Philosophy and Counselling, he works as a Therapeutic Counsellor, providing services such as: loss and grief counselling; palliative counselling; youth inhalant abuse counselling; comprehensive psycho-social community assessments following suicides and traumatic events; Employee and Family Assistance program services; counselling to children-in-care and to their natural and foster families; working with youth in a secure custody facility; and family counselling.

This work requires him to travel to communities to lead Critical Incident Stress Defusing and Debriefing sessions following suicides, murders, tragic deaths and other traumatic events.

Terry was the Recipient of the 2005 Social Work Distinguished Service Award; recognized by the Association of Northern Social Workers in Northern Canada for his compassionate and creative therapeutic work in counselling and workshop facilitation throughout the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.

Terry completed the 2007 Facilitator Training: Family, Community and Organization Constellation Program.

He brings with him a life-long passion in music, a deep spiritual base, and an interest in complimentary healthcare.

Terry’s life and cultural experiences include working in aboriginal communities throughout Canada’s North, teaching English in Peru; working as a volunteer for Hogar Belen, a children’s orphanage in Peru; and living the life experience of a homeless person on the streets of numerous cities throughout Canada and United States. Terry is also author of the book “I Believe”, and in 2010, he released his CD “Healing Ground”.


Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc. contracts various co-facilitators, pending workshop requirements.

Sometimes we are asked to provide a female/male balance; sometimes, we are asked to bring a third co-facilitator, who will provide massage, Reiki, Meditation, and other healing services.

Often, the host organization chooses a co-facilitator/counsellor from the community to assist the facilitator.

Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc., Millarville, AB, T0L 1K0
Phone: 403-931-1094

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Employer: ______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Work #: ________________Home #: ____________________ Fax #:______________

E-Mail Address: _________________________________________________________

Indicate Workshop Date & Location:_________________________________________

Method of Payment: Cash ____ Cheque ____ Money Order _______

Purchase Order#______________

Authorization to Direct Bill __________________________________________________
Printed Name of Person with Authorization/Organization
Signature of Person with Authorization

Advanced Registration Is Required – Workshop Size Is Limited. Please Register Early.

Cancellation Policy:
o Registration fees are refundable provided we receive notification of cancellation twenty (20) days prior to the workshop date. Refunds are subject to a 20% deduction for our administrative fees. Cancellations less than 20 days are non-refundable.
o Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc. reserve the right to cancel the workshop at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient registrants; liability is limited to refund of workshop fee only.
Tax Deduction: Receipts provided.

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