Presenting “I Believe”

Presenting “I Believe”

Presenting “Terry Garchinski of Life Works, “I Believe” at the National Indigenous Sexual Abuse Conference, February 21-24, 2005.

“Terry Garchinski of Life Works has been asked to present at the National Indigineous Sexual Abuse Conference in Edmonton. February 21-24, 2005. The name of Terry’s presentation is called, “I Believe”.

This presentation is about creative ways to walk the healing path. It is based on a little book, “I Believe” which is “…a compassionate story about a raindrop’s life, losses and loves.” News North, Yellowknife, NT.

“I Believe” is a parable about human life. It helps people of all ages find a way to acknowledge and accpet life’s hurt and pain, in order to heal and live a truer life without carrying so much baggage.

The author and presenter, Terry Garchinski, offers Healing from Loss and Grief Workshops with co-facilitators. In this presentation, Terry presents some of the creative strategies from these workshops that have invited many people to heal from hurt and pain of abuse and loss. The workshops and this presentation are based on the belief that each of us already know everything we need to know to heal. What this presentation and the healing strategies will do is invite knowledge to awaken in each of us with ease and gentleness, so that we can action it in good ways. In doing so, we become in control of our own healing, in our way, in our own time. Each of us is her or his own healing expert. Healing does not have to hurt! Healing is about completing the circle, coming to a place of balance and wholeness.

Welcome to the Circle!

More information about the National Indigineous Sexual Abuse Conference can be found at this website:

Terry Garchinski, R.S.W, is an experienced and dynamic trainer, facilitator and speaker, in areas such as (but not limited to):
loss and grief, healing through music, life mapping, trauma and recovery, suicide prevention, and cycles of abuse, self-harm and healing. Terry has designed and facilitated numerous workshops for various groups, First Nations, governments, and non-government clients, in communities throughout northern and western Canada. Terry is founder and business owner Life Works and owner of Bag Man Productions.

Terry is also a Therapeutic Counsellor with Life Works..

Terry brings with him a life-long passion in music, a deep spiritual base, and an interest in complementary health-care. As a bodywork practitioner, he offers a combination of Counselling, BodyTalk, Reiki and Breath Work services to clients.

His life and cultural experiences include: teaching English in Peru, working as a volunteer for Hogar Belen, a children’s orphanage in Peru; travelling throughout North, Central and South America, choosing to live as a homeless street busker in numerous cities throughout Canada and the United States; freelance writing, song writing and music.

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