The Healing Circle Prayer

The following prayer was written by the youth and staff at Northern Addiction Services Inhalant Abuse Treatment Program.  March 1996.  It was written in a healing circle which was facilitated by Terry Garchinski.


Please God,

Help my family, friends and the treatment clients,

Help us to go through rough times,

–to be strong and healthy,

–to keep the circle strong,

–to follow direction and keep us away from harm,

–to make good choices,

–to heal our illness,

–to grow,

–to be true,

–to forgive.

Help people who are in jail or prison.

Help people who are suicidal.

Help free our spirit.

Heal me from the hurt of my anger,

Clean me from all unrighteousness,

Keep me safe while in treatment.

Give us the strength and power,

Keep evil spirits away from us,

Forgive those who are not well,

Deliver us from chemicals.

Create in us a new clean heart and renew our spirit.

Please God give us encouragement to take it one day at a time.

God, let us be with you and please stay with us.

Bless us.

Take care of us.

Thank you for your love and for giving us life.


Keep the Circle Strong!

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